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Point and click adventure set in a robot-ruled future

'Point and Click' adventures are really coming back into fashion, and Featherweight is another addition to the genre. It's pretty short, so would make a good introduction to this type of game.

You play a 'Featherweight', a human scout for a rebel group fighting the robot overlords. One of the group has been captured, and your character Thadd decides to go on a rescue mission, even though his chances of success are very slim.

While the graphics are very 1990s, they're still really pretty. The game has a fairly sad feel to it, and the graphics add to the atmosphere well. In classic point and click style, you move Thadd by pointing where you want to go. Objects that may be useful are highlighted as you move the cursor over them, and you have an inventory where you store items that you can use or combine.

Using the inventory is really easy and fast, which is nice for an indie title as they are often a bit clunky. The puzzles themselves aren't too complicated, although there are a number of code breaking puzzles, and you have to work them out by trial and error. Some people might will find that really annoying!

Featherweight is a cute and atmospheric point and click adventure, that doesn't last too long, but will make an impression!


  • Involving story
  • Good controls
  • Attractive background designs


  • Some puzzles are awkward


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